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What is The7 Sourcing?

Your Supply Chain Solution Provider


Each client who purchases from China wants to find good quality products, or good factory, even a real sourcing agent that help them handle all the processes, or, are you fed up with the cumbersome and complicated sourcing from China? The7 Sourcing is the right one to help you to handle all sourcing related business in China, we are aiming to be your “hassle-killer” making all the procurement process safe, fast and simple. You don't really need to do the specific work. Rather than free your procurement professionals, spend your valuable time on work that needs you more and profits you more. Let us find you high-quality and cost-effective products, quality supplier or best supplier according to your product idea.

In the past 5 years, our team has supported over 4,000 business owners. We do not only help them get quality products from China, but also saving money, helping them achieve greater success. We hope to establish a win-win and long-term business relationship with you.

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Product Sourcing

One-stop procurement services, we help you purchase multiple products on different platforms whatever you need, enables you to source from China in an unexpected buy amazing way.

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Sample Handling

We can collect the sample from your prospective supplier. Afterward, we will check and test on the sample, make reports and record videos and send to you for evaluation.

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Product Development

You may have an incredible product idea, but you are not sure how to make it happen. No worry. Let us know your idea and if you have your own design or drawing, we can help you to find the best fit factory to make your design to be a real product.

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Shipping Arrangement

We have good shipping agents/forwarders in different locations in China, especially Amazon FBA shipment, we may optimize and find you the best shipping option and channels to balance on both delivery time and cost-effective.

Satisfied Clients
Reduced Cost
Increased Efficiency

Why The7 Sourcing?


1 VS 1 Service

We will have you a reliable 1V1 sourcing team member in free of charging! Your personal sourcing team member could help with the entire buying process. Inspecting the samples strictly, re-packaging products in one box and arranging the shipment. Just drop us a message.


10+ Years Experience

We are a team of veterans who are well-experienced in China sourcing, most of our team members are well-experienced worked in various section in China and overseas countries. We provide 24/7 service. As an excellent purchasing agent, we can help you reduce 30% cost at least!


Save Time

Time & Efficiency is everything! With the native language, professional skills and sensitive reaction, The7 Souring can speed you up and get you ahead of your competitors. We have a lot of logistics companies cooperated for a long time, they will give priority to your goods.



The7 Sourcing offers free sourcing service for small and medium importers, until whenever you select the ideal supplier! Your personal agent will provide the best quotation from our big supply chain system for you for free. We could keep providing you statics of market and product information. That's free.

What Customers Say

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Tiny Norman CEO, USA

It's amazing to work with The7 Sourcing!They have been most professional and gone to great lengths to assist me. My orders went smoothly in China, I would like to recommend The7 Sourcing to you as a partner.

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Ella Dyer Manager, USA

May I say how efficiently and promptly you have dealt with my orders. I can get the wanted products in a short time, you saved me lots of worries!

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Get in touch

The7 Sourcing is a leading sourcing agent in China, dedicated to helping seller to source products from China! Your personal agent will help you customize packing, reduce cost, monitor production, analyze supplier background, handle all the logistics related matters, etc. Let us start from the smallest cooperation, we will represent you in China. Please make an inquiry to win your competitiveness in the platform.