How to be your sourcing dept. in China?

Enjoy our premium service:

Product Sourcing

Sample Handling


Pre-Shipment Inspection

Shipping Arrangement

Value-Added Service

Purchasing Management

Handle everything of complex supply chains

This is our main service, it’s also the standard service, include everything you need of sourcing.

Purchasing is a complicated matter that includes, selecting suppliers, sourcing products, negotiating, signing the contract and even some complex businesses that need to purchase various products from different suppliers. All the goods will be inspected, labeled, repackaged then shipped together to the destination via international logistics.

Usually, this work is time-consuming and costly, leave this task to The7 Sourcing, your best sourcing agent !

It is a comprehensive business that contains almost all of our small business, you can count on us as your purchasing dept., saving money.

All of the following services are included:

1.Negotiation & Signing Contract

The7 Sourcing will provide you the negotiation service to lower MOQ, reduce the price, customize packing and speed up delivery time. We will handle all contracts and make sure that you receive exactly what you need.

2.Products Sourcing

We are here to help you connect and deal with the most suitable vendors for your needs.

3.Quality Inspection

We strictly follow up your orders and do quality control. Reports will be sent to you after inspection.

4.Combination Packaging

we will help you repack all your products and ship together, instead of shipping individually

5. Warehouse Storage

We arrange warehouse 1 month free for you. Thus you have enough time to consolidate more products to ship together for saving shipping cost.

6.Take Photos/Videos

The7 Sourcing will help you take photos from different angles and high-definition video to let you check the products the first time. (We have also premium sourcing service for product photograpy and videos, check here for details: Value-Added Service )

7.Shipping arrangement

All exporting procedures such as container loading, customs declaration, shipping and so on will be arranged by us.

8.Supplier maintenance and operation status monitoring

Let us talk to your potential suppliers in their native language. Taking up management of your current supplier(s).No more delays, loss of shipment, price increases, hidden charge, etc. On-site factory visit is also available when necessary.

9.Early stocking in peak season

We will prepare the goods for you in advance so that we can keep up with your sales

10.Returns & Refunds

If we found the samples was bad quality or if you don’t need these samples anymore, The7 Sourcing can help you return them, to save your money.