How to be your sourcing dept. in China?

Enjoy our premium service:


Sample Handling

Purchasing Management

Pre-Shipment Inspection

Shipping Arrangement

Value-Added Service


We do not enforce an MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity). Whatever size your order may be, we strive to source the best products and meet all your requirements.

Your Product Sourcing Dept. in China | The7 Sourcing NO-MOQ Product Sourcing
Your Product Sourcing Dept. in China | The7 Sourcing lower-sourcing-price Product Sourcing

We Can Source Everything You Want

With our many years of experience in the sourcing arena, our knowledge and skills are sound. We believe we can help you find the right supplier even for the rarest of goods.

Integrate One-Stop Bundling

To save you the time and improve your business’s efficiency, we can source different items from various suppliers all at once. Our services include assembling and packaging of the products so that they are ready for re-sell.

Your Product Sourcing Dept. in China | The7 Sourcing Integrate-one-stop-bundling Product Sourcing
Your Product Sourcing Dept. in China | The7 Sourcing Sample-Production Product Sourcing

Sample Production

Once we have found your ideal supplier, we will communicate and oversee your product specifications for samples. When the samples have been produced, we will send them on to you. After confirming that you are totally satisfied with the sample, we will then confirm your product run with the suppler.

Real-Time Production Follow-Up

Once your order has been placed, we will oversee the duration of the manufacturing process for you. You can expect honest, real-time feedback and on-time delivery.

Your Product Sourcing Dept. in China | The7 Sourcing Real-time-production-follow-up Product Sourcing
Your Product Sourcing Dept. in China | The7 Sourcing cost-effective-delivery-solution Product Sourcing

Cost-Effective Delivery Solution

Only once you are satisfied with what we have sourced and quoted, you can confirm your purchase. Our service fee will apply to your order amount. There are no up-front fees before your order production. We have a service guarantee that there will be no additional charges to your order.

Product Sourcing

Help you get the best suppliers

Enjoy our simple and free sourcing service:

1. Provide your product pictures or link;
2. We will process sourcing step by step;
3. You will receive the report in 2 working days (most probably, due to the product property) include suitable suppliers and price comparison table;

Sourcing from China can be a risky business. Finding a reliable supplier is difficult, You can’t fully trust the information online, it is important to know the reality of the supplier. We have visited many suppliers, have a more comprehensive understanding of their information, and maintain a good relationship. For big orders, we will do factory audit firstly.

Transparent supplier information

According to the information you provided us, we will keep recommending quality suppliers. We know the supplier verification and evaluation is very important, The7 Sourcing also will provide you.

Purchasing from multiple platforms is OK, your product categories and quantities will not be limited, we can purchase separately from different platforms you like or our cooperated suppliers.

1 month free warehouse

The7 Sourcing can keep all your products in our warehouse. Then combining packages and shipping to your address together. you don’t need to pay wearhouse fee, its free of charge.