Sourcing Mobile Phone Spare Parts in Shenzhen Huaqiangbei, What is the experience?

Shenzhen is the capital of electronic products in China, there are huge amount of various electronic & technology manufacturers, the same in the mobile phone industry, as you can see the currently famous Chinese smartphone brands such as Huawei, ZTE, OPPO, VIVO, all of them set their HQ in Shenzhen. In Shenzhen Huaqiangbei (“华强北” or Huaqiang North Commercial Zone), it is also the distribution center of new and used phone markets, it can be said that Huaqiangbei is the place where used mobile phone originated, all kinds of brand used mobile phones are gathered together, they are gotten repaired, refurbished or disassembled, then sent out from here. There are also many foreign customers who are looking for business opportunities here.

Previously, we have introduced Huaqiangbei second-hand (complete) mobile phone market in detail, you can take a look at the story from here. The second-hand mobile phone market in Huaqiangbei (Huaqiang North) is actually in the Huaqiang South Area, where it is just across the Shennan Middle Road. There are mobile phone parts market that surrounds the second mobile phone market in this area, forming a complete second-hand mobile phone industry chain, therefore, you may find almost all mobile phone spare parts you need in this place!

Lists of Mobile Phone Spare Parts Markets in Huaqiang South

Your Product Sourcing Dept. in China | The7 Sourcing Tongtiandi-Communication-Market-1 Sourcing Mobile Phone Spare Parts in Shenzhen Huaqiangbei, What is the experience?
Tongtiandi Telecommunication Market

Each of the used mobile phone markets has its specific niche, for example, Feiyang Market specializes in Apple devices while the Great Wall Market for Android phones and parts. The markets for mobile phone parts around used phone markets also have their niche, for example, some markets specialize in Android phone parts, some works on Apple parts, some floors of markets stick on a specific mobile phone brand… It will take you some time to figure out if you don’t know them at all.

Here is a listing of Huaqiang South mobile phone parts markets:

Tongtiandi Communication Market – Android & Apple spare parts

Longsheng Communication Market – Android & Apple spare parts

Tongtiandi Communication Great Wall Market – Android phone parts

Tongtiandi Communication Feiyang Market – Apple spare parts

Longzhu Communication Market – Android phone parts especially Chinese brands

Tongtiandi Telecommunication Aihua Market – Chinese smartphone parts

Qing Chuang Communication Market – Android phone parts, tablets parts, Samsung, LG.

Taixing Communication Market – Android and Apple parts

Jufucheng Communication Market – Apple spare parts

We will pick up some important markets for the introduction

Tongtiandi Communication Feiyang Market

Your Product Sourcing Dept. in China | The7 Sourcing Feiyang-used-Apple-device-market Sourcing Mobile Phone Spare Parts in Shenzhen Huaqiangbei, What is the experience?
Tongtiandi Feiyang Market

The entire Tongtiandi Communication Feiyang Market (Chinese “飞扬市场”, we call it Feiyang Market in short) specializes in Apple devices (you may also take a look at here about more details for Feiyang market). There are 4 floors in the markets, the first and second floors are mainly for parts, The parts sell by each merchant on the first and second floor may be different, for example, some merchants sell iPhone mainboard or displays, some stalls specialize in baseband unlock while some works on PCB development, as small as screws, buttons. If you have a certain hands-on ability, you can buy all parts in the market, and then find a phone-repair stall around the corner and assemble it for you in 20 minutes, finally, you will get a new phone including the package.

The second floor is mainly used to sell mobile phone screens, shells, and other parts, there are also Macbook and iPad selling near the stairs on the second floor. Anyway, iPhone parts or iPhone are the main products in this market, as you can still find in the market that there are iPhone 4 and its spare parts.

These Apple spare parts generally come from three different sources:

  1. Disassembled from used devices. These used iPhone or other Apple devices are acquired from individuals by special merchants, all used phones or broken phones gathered in the market then collected by each merchant in the market, they will take the useful and functional parts from these old phones. There are also huge amounts used or broken Apple devices gathered from all over the world. Huaqiang North is known as Asia’s largest smuggled goods distributing center, which is inseparable from the world’s contribution. A large part of the Apple or iPhone components in Huaqiangbei come from disassembled broken mobile phones around the world and finally flowed to Huaqiangbei through Hong Kong.
  2. Leaking from Foxconn. Foxconn is the OEM manufacturer of Apple devices, Foxconn has also factory in Shenzhen and other cities in China. This has become an industrial chain, as long as you have access to channels, coupled with strong capital, it is simply a profiteering industry, because the purchase price of these parts will be very low. At the same time, those who are well-funded in the market will also hoard goods, eventually raising the price of a certain part/component.
  3. Parts made by the Chinese manufacturer. These parts are replica components, some profiteers use it on refurbished Apple devices and claimed them original ones. Anyway, most merchants are honest, they will tell you directly if it is original or made-in-China.

Tongtiandi Communication Market & Longsheng Communication Market

Your Product Sourcing Dept. in China | The7 Sourcing Longsheng-Communication-Market Sourcing Mobile Phone Spare Parts in Shenzhen Huaqiangbei, What is the experience?
Tongtiandi and Longsheng Market are connectted each other in the same building

It has 3 floors in Tongtiandi Tongtiandi Communication Market or Tongtiandi Telecommunication Market (Chinese “通天地”, we call it Tongtiandi market in short), Tongtiandi market is connected to the Longsheng Communication Market, they are in the same building. It only sells mobile phone parts or components, both Android and Apple mobile phone parts are available. Tongtiandi market is the largest mobile phone parts market in Shenzhen or China, you can easily find all kinds of smartphone phone parts in this market.

In fact, there was no Feiyang market (the Apple second-hand market) in the early years, used phones were sold in Tongtiandi Market, however, used phone business became much bigger these years, Apple devices business are then moved to Feiyang Market, so Tongtiandi’s reputation is well-known throughout the country while not many people know about Feiyang market.

The same to Feiyang market, every merchant in Tongtiandi Market has his own niche, Now this market is mainly engaged in second-hand mobile phone parts. Mostly, original parts are collected by removing from used or broken mobile phones, such as mainboard, chips, displays, cables, and so on.

There are also new parts sell in the market, but the price of new parts is naturally much more expensive than the used parts. Now almost all parts needed for mobile phone repair shops across the country pick up parts from here.

Longzhu Communication Market

Your Product Sourcing Dept. in China | The7 Sourcing Longzhu-Market-Android-mobile-phone Sourcing Mobile Phone Spare Parts in Shenzhen Huaqiangbei, What is the experience?

Longzhu Communication Market or Dragon Ball Communication Market (we call it Longzhu Market in short) is mainly a market for second-hand Android mobile phones, there are also merchants dealing with mobile phone parts in this market, mainly in Longzhu Market Phase 1. Take a look at here to know more about Longzhu Market: Introduction of used Android mobile phone market: Longzhu Communication Market

Tongtiandi Aihua Market

Your Product Sourcing Dept. in China | The7 Sourcing Aihua-Market-2 Sourcing Mobile Phone Spare Parts in Shenzhen Huaqiangbei, What is the experience?
Tongtiandi Aihua market

Aihua market is next to Longzhu Market Phase 1 and Great Wall Communication Market, Aihua market mainly deals with Android phones and parts, most merchants here specialize in mobile phone shells.

Great Wall Communication Market

Your Product Sourcing Dept. in China | The7 Sourcing Great-Wall-Market-Android-used-phone-market1 Sourcing Mobile Phone Spare Parts in Shenzhen Huaqiangbei, What is the experience?
Tongtiandi Communication Market Great Wall Branch

The lower floors of the Great Wall Market are mainly for mobile phone parts. Since the Great Wall Market is positioned as Android phones, the merchants here are all selling Android mobile phones or parts. For example, most of the merchants on the 4th floor of the Great Wall Market sell motherboards.(Here’s more details about Great Wall Market)

Qing Chuang Communication Market

Your Product Sourcing Dept. in China | The7 Sourcing Qing-Chuang-Market Sourcing Mobile Phone Spare Parts in Shenzhen Huaqiangbei, What is the experience?

Qing Chuang Communication Market mainly do Korean mobile phone parts/components, such as LG, Samsung, the third floor is mainly Samsung parts such as phone shells, the second floor is mostly LG.


Huaqiang South Area is a well-known place in Shenzhen, many buses, subways pass through this area, we have a detailed guide to tell you how exactly arrive this place, take a look here: How to arrive Shenzhen used phone market?

Tips sourcing in Huaqiang South mobile phone parts markets

You should mainly focus on two major markets, Tongtiandi Communication Market and Tongtiandi Feiyang Market when you plan to source spare parts in Shenzhen Huaqiangbei Commercial Zone, Tongtiandi Communication Market is the birthplace of the second-hand mobile phone, but merchants here only sell mobile phone parts/components now, there is no complete phone sold in this market, so if you are focusing on phone parts business, you have to come here for a visit; the other one is Feiyang Market, Feiyang market is famous for used Apple devices, it is the only professional market for used Apple device and spare parts, especially iPhone products.

Regarding other parts markets, such as the Great Wall Market or Longzhu Market for Android phones, their main business is complete Android phones, although some merchants are doing parts business, but not too many, if you have extra time, you may have a look there then.

On the other hand, you need to pay attention to the origin of mobile phone parts, whether it is second-hand parts or made-in-China manufacturers, they are new parts or old ones? To avoid profiteers, you need to spend some more time in the market, be more patient, shop around to find an honest supplier; there are also after-sales issues you need to know, in fact, the second mobile phone or parts selling in the market are generally no warranty or limited warranty time for few days, especially iPhones, the quality of the parts is uneven due to different condition, therefore, you need to have knowledge of mobile phone repair and identification capabilities of different parts when you are sourcing in the market.

Most of the mobile phone parts dealers here are doing wholesale business, although you may just want to get some samples, do not tell your supplier that you plan to purchase only one, otherwise they would give you a high price. Most merchants in these markets are not so patient or friendly with their customers, generally, they won’t talk with you actively, you need to try to show your professional when you want to engage with them. Of course, if you just want to experience your own hands-on assembly ability, the total cost of all parts is still attractive by comparing it with the new phone.