Think of us as your in-house fulfillment team

The7 Sourcing is a dedicated China local office where clients around the world connect, both online and offline, to source, stock and ship international goods directly from China.


Many customers used to search products from B2B platforms, such as Alibaba and Made in China. However, they always met below problem.


  • It cost lost of time and energy to search for several kinds of goods cause there are thousands of suppliers for one product. That will drive you crazy.

  • Most suppliers don’t reply in time or even don’t give answers all the time. Inefficient communication.

  • For lots of products, prices on these platforms are quite high. Because many of them are trading companies, and producers don’t know English or online business.

  • Difficult to ship out products together from different suppliers, which can save lots shipping & import fee.

  • Can’t check product quality before shipping. Not worthy to hire a quality inspection company when the order is small.


  • You only need to deal with us, we search and contact the suppliers and assist you to choose the best.

  • We promise to send you the quotation within 48 hours once receiving your inquiry.

  • We help you negotiate the best price with the right suppliers. They offer a lower price because we are local and bring them more business.

  • We collect all your products and ship together. You also can use our warehouse for free.

  • We check all products before shipping, handle with suppliers if there’s quality problem. You can save money for quality inspection company.

Our Advantages

Your Product Sourcing Dept. in China | The7 Sourcing leelinesourcing-drop-shipping-quality Why The7Sourcing

Quality Control

WE CARE PRODUCT QUALITY, and we know better how to find quality supplier, we offer a variety of personalized quality inspection services based on your needs.

Find Winning Products

We attend lots of big exhibitions every year, we have accumulated more than 2,000 top quality suppliers in database in all walks of life. Not like Aliexpress, we can find you quality products with the same low price, we can also update you the latest new product, so that you will seize the market opportunity in advance.

Your Product Sourcing Dept. in China | The7 Sourcing dropshipping-delivery Why The7Sourcing
Your Product Sourcing Dept. in China | The7 Sourcing dropshipping-delivery Why The7Sourcing

Quick Response Logistic

We process your order as soon as you receive it from customers, we will always find the best way (fast with lower cost) to ship out your parcel according to customer’s address.

Cheaper Price

We choose quality products from manufacturers directly instead of the middlemen to ensure a cheaper price.

Your Product Sourcing Dept. in China | The7 Sourcing lower-sourcing-price Why The7Sourcing
Your Product Sourcing Dept. in China | The7 Sourcing Amazon-FBA Why The7Sourcing

One Stop Sourcing For Amazon Sellers

We can find you the best supplliers, we provide one-to-one customer service, we offer complete packaging solutions to personalize your product labels, allowing you build your own brand, we inspect all of your products before shipping. We will arrange shipping your products with very low cost, we may also have you professional product photography for your Amazon listing.